soundscape & radiophonic pieces

Purgatorio, pentaphonic soundscape, 24 min., 2010

Planet of the Blind, soundscape inspired by Stephen Kuusisto's novel composed for diffusion in a darkened cinema, 4 min., 2007

Pre-natal, radiophonic piece exploring aural perceptions from a pre-natal perspective, 4,04 min., 2007

A Stroll on the Ocean Bed, pentaphonic soundscape with hydrophone recordings of underwater currents and drownings vessels in the Baltic Sea, 6 min., 2006

3’30, radiophonic piece based on screams, 3,30 min., 2006

Braucht man den Professor bei dem dann alle Faeden zusammenlaufen?, experimental hoerspiel for Reboot FM Berlin, 120 min., 2004 [with Marcus Johannsen]

collaborative music releases

Forstwolf, Offroad Ambitionen, CD 2007 [with Marcus Johannsen]

Dånzen Jetzt, The Magnificent Seven (Compilation), Persona Non Grata, 7" Vinyl, 2003 [with Olivier Alary, Johannes Malfatti & Alex Kloster]

Dånzen Jetzt, ålles wil los 2 12” Vinyl, KlangKrieg, 2003
[with Olivier Alary, Johannes Malfatti & Alex Kloster] iTunes store

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