desynched room / looking forward and looking back

This sonic intervention is embedded in a spatial arrangement that is directly targeting the phenomenal experience of presentness by providing a strong audio-visual asynchrony - a separation of seeing and hearing in space and time - in an actual (non-representational) social situation.

The arrangement consists of a specially prepared soundproof space which is divided into two acoustically decoupled subspaces, only separated by a large window. Although the visual transparency is completely maintained, selected sounds emitted by viewers on one side are diffused into the other side with latency. This delayed projection of the sound stream is going both ways. The acoustic transmission is restricted to the sound of footsteps, focusing and intensifying a single audiovisual component.

Since synchronicity is based on the temporal occurrence of two information perceived within specific time-frames, the resulting effect is a perceivable audiovisual desynchronization of what can be seen and heard. This provokes a perceptual dissolution and disruption towards an immediate construction of a real-time experience of the viewers. Moreover, the position of a person in space is represented in and projected into a three dimensional sound field, which produces a kind of sonic “after-image”. It appears where the observed person has been moving seconds ago in space.

Due to the arrangement of opposing (and otherwise empty) rooms, a face-to-face
situation is created in which observers instantly become observational objects of
themselves and each other, experiencing and studying their own and each other’s
perception at the same time, which provides a social interactive dimension of the

(The installation is currently under construction. Dimensions and sizes variable)

Illustration: Accoustic shadow phenomenon

Illustration: Back to front view

Illustration: Front to back view

Built using Indexhibit