moiré patterns

Moiré Patterns was a commissioned site-specific composition for the Platz der Weltausstellung which was built for the EXPO 2000 in the city centre of Hannover. This sixteen-channel composition was diffused into into pillar-mounted speakers at head hight that formed a sound-field of 20.000 square meters.

Analogue to the phenomenon of moiré-patterns in the visual domain, sonic interferences patterns were composed by using simple synthesized sounds that are played back in parallel but differ slightly in respect to single spectral parameters.

This produced an emerging "grid" of polyphonic rhythmical structures, sound weaves, and psychoacoustic spaces. Depending on the position in the field the composition is revealed through an ever-changing interaction of movement, physicality of sound, and generative qualities of perception.

Sixteen channel composition by Benno Belke and Oli Larkin

Commissioned by Musik 21 - Niedersächsische Gesellschaft für Neue Musik e.V. (NGNM)
and Landeshauptstadt Hannover Kulturbüro

Moiree Patterns concert © Matthias Stehr

Moiree Patterns concert © Matthias Stehr

Platz der Weltausstellung: Aerial shot

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