of tubes and pipes

This is an outlook on a recently started project that aims to transform a subway metro into a kinetic sound sculpture. By mounting acoustically prepared organ pipes horizontally on the outer corpus of a metro wagon the airstream produces a rich evolving pattern of oscillating harmonic spectra, an almost transcendental sound amalgam, that ebbs and flows at different driving speeds. The construction is purely mechanical, with no electrical or digital interfaces needed. The pipes are designed and constructed in a way, that no tempered pitch is perceivable but a complex distilled ambiance sound which relates to a church organ´s ethereal quality. This ephemeral sound stripe might resonate through the surrounding city space, reverberate in narrow rows of houses, howling through tunnels, sliding into open spaces, therefore reflecting and fusing with the current urban environment – creating fleeting moments of wonder and surprise between the mundane and the sublime.

(work in progress)

model view front

model view back

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