superindent rex

The installation uses spatialized video with two-channel projection onto opposing walls and quadraphonic sound. Based on reedited footage of a popular Austrian police dog TV series short sequences are represented through sound and image, which form a complementary relationship: ‘Trajectories’ and actions of a dog are either articulated through mere visualized or pure accousmatized sequences (and vice versa) and complement each other in constant alternation to form a tempo-spatial continuum. This results in rapid gapless shifts of modes of representation of movement. Although never synchronized the visualized and accousmatized sequences are instantly combined and completed in the mind of the viewer.

(2 looped DVDs, DVD synchronizer, 4 speakers, 2:24 min; dimensions and sizes variable)

Installation left-side view  

Installation right-side view  

video still  

video still  

Built using Indexhibit